About Us

Initial About Us/Mission Statement:

When coming up with our ideas & deciding what we wanted Derbyshire Drones to be, we realised that two things are very important for us, Customer Service and The Meaning Of Plug & Fly/Plug & Play

Customer Service – Since starting with FPV, there have been occasions where customer service has let me down, whether its abroad with the time zone and language barriers or domestically, where a business’ retail demands have caused them to ignore support to get orders out the door on time.

We aim to make sure that we can deal with customer service in a timely manner. We don’t currently offer a live support option but you can contact us through our form on our Contact Us page or email us at DerbyshireDrones@outlook.com, from there, we can tailor your support response as needed, through a simple email reply, a phone call or even the use of remote computer access to allow me to run diagnostics on controller boards.

Plug & Fly/Play – Plug and Play is the way people already started in the hobby can enjoy the perks and convenience of Read to Fly models, they leave the things you already have like a radio and charger but have the aircraft 95% completed. The issue is that these can have poor quality components, this is not the case, all the components we use have been used by us or our friends and are known to be of great quality, strength and reliability.

Another issue often found with PNF products, is that they don’t come with things you NEED to fly the aircraft safely, such as battery Velcro, voltage monitors and lights for orientation on quadcopters. What we aim to do is provide our products with all the things you may not have, leaving you to supply things that most established modellers have in their sheds already, such as basic tools like Allen/hex keys and spanners/hex drivers. We don’t want our customers receiving our products, starting the build, then having to postpone the build while you wait from that one part to arrive. We list all required and consumable parts on our product pages so you can order them at the same time as you order, even if we don’t stock them.

Later Addition: 

Derbyshire Drones has expanded into offering components and parts from a wide range of manufacturers from around the world, such as T-Motor, Emax, Xhover and Ragg-E and many more.

The new tagline we announced during our 1st birthday celebrations is ‘Top Class Products. First Class Service.’ and summarised what Derbyshire Drones is all about: A range of products for different budgets, competitive pricing, cheap additional labour services and the best Customer Support available.

FAQ (To Be Updated At A Later Date)

Q: Are you the same company as/affiliated with Derbyshire Drones Ltd?
A: Not in anyway, I had no idea about this until a friend recently pointed them out to me, Looks like they started around August of 2017, where as we went fully operational in October 2015.