Xhover MXP230 Motor Extensions For 6″ Props – Only UK Stockist


Motor Extensions to allow for 6″ props and more thrust from the same motor and battery.



The Xhover MXP230 Motor Extensions allows you to fit 6″ propellers to your MXP230 frame, allowing more thrust from the same motors & batteries.

The problem is that the screws for attaching motors in the standard MXP230 kit are 9mm long, they are designed to go through the 6mm arms, and screw 3mm into the motor, but the extensions are only 3mm thick, meaning 6mm goes into the motor, and can cause damage, that’s why at Derbyshire Drones we include 16 6mm screws, so that the screws do not damage your motors.

Even with the added parts, our price is comparable to getting the part from Xhover themselves.

Included in the kit:

4x Carbon Fibre Extensions

16x+ Mounting Screws

16x+ Nyloc Nuts

16 Motor Screws

Additional information

Weight 0.059 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 5.5 × 2.5 cm


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