T-Motor MN2206 2000KV

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The T-Motor MN2206 2000KV motor is one of the most powerful yet efficent motors available for 250 quads and Smaller flying wings such as the S800, producing around 25% more thrust than the Emax MT2204-2300kv Motors.

They are also built stronger and have more propeller mounting options than most other motors.

These motors come from the factory with 2mm Male Bullet connectors, allowing easy connection, swapping of wires for motor direction and to change out for a new one in the case of a heavy ‘bump’

If you order from us these¬†motors also come with a Nyloc nut to hold the propeller on instead of the supplied dome nut if you so desire, these are smaller than the domed nuts and have a piece of material in them to stop the nut from coming loose during flight or if the props gets stopped by the ground in a ‘bump’ or landing.

We have used these motors in our quads for a long time without fail, both with 5×3 & 6×4.5 on 3s & 4s, some people even use these motors on 6 (although we haven’t tried it ourselves, and thus is not recommended)


Recommended Props: 5×3 or 6×4.5

Recommended ESCs: BLHeli 12a or 25a

Recommended Battery: 3s or 4s

Additional information

Weight 0.065 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 3.5 cm

1 review for T-Motor MN2206 2000KV

  1. Ian T (verified owner)

    I ordered these for my lightweight 250 quad. Flight times were sacrificed for pure power. I was not disappointed.

    These are very well made and wound motors, as with most T-Motors you get what you pay for. The power is on tap and they run nice and cool. Highly recommended.

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