GOOP Plumbing Glue for EPP foam (Amazing GOOP)


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Amazing GOOP Plumbing Glue is just that, Amazing!

You may be asking why we are selling plumbing glue on an RC Plane / Drone store? Well like many things in this hobby, we don’t expect you to use it for its original purpose!

GOOP Plumbing Glue is a fantastic, Flexible Glue for use with flexible foams such as EPP used in most Flying Wings, everything from a HobbyKing Teksumo to the RiteWing Mini Drak .

If you use a hard glue such as super glue with flexible foam, they will often crack or break again just next to the first, as the stress and strain put through the foam will travel along until the hard join, can’t get past, and breaks again.

With Amazing GOOP Plumbing Glue, the glue is almost as flexible as EPP, meaning stresses and strains with transfer through the join like it’s not even there, even better, it sets clear!

This glue is slightly harder to spread than other glues, so while it will be fine for most repairs and glueing other Flying Wings, it is not the best for larger surface areas such as glueing fuselage sides together. I used GOOP on my Mini Talon & MyTwinDream, and while it stuck fine it was a bit of a rush due to the amount of time it takes to spread.

As with all our products, if you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us

If using more solid foams, like EPO and EPS, you would probably be better with something like our White Gorilla Glue

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