FPV Lens Cleaner & Water Repellent


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Derbyshire Drones’ FPV Lens Cleaner & Water Repellent is a fantastic 2-in-1 solution for all FPV camera lens’.

Our solution works it two ways, both as a streak free lens cleaner, and a water repellent.

Why do I need a water repellent on my FPV camera lens?
FPV lens’ come into contact with water most often from either wet grass or water dropletsĀ in the air, such as fog, rain and clouds. The water that comes into contact with the lens will spread out, covering the lens and making it look like someone has smeared your eyes with Vaseline.

The water repellent in our Lens Cleaner stops the water spreading out over the lens, keeping it in a ball that the air passing over the camera can more easily remove.

Our easy applicator bottle makes it easy to apply the solution to the lens, and is small enough to take with you to your flying site.

How To Use:
1. Apply a drop of the solution to the lens
2. Wipe away with a dry paper towel, cotton cloth or microfiber towel.


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