4s Gold DD Power Pack for 250 Mini Quads

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PLEASE NOTE: The 4s Gold Power Pack comes with 6×4.5 Propellers, Please make sure your frame can fit 6″ props, if it can not, you can request DAL 5045BN.

The new line of DD Power Packs, combine most of the quality electronic components you need to breathe life into your selected Mini Quad frame.

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Our Power packs are available in the following variations:

The DD Power Packs come as standard with non of the soldering started, but for a small fee we can solder up the Naze 32 pins for you, or solder the Naze and all the connectors on the Motors & ESCs as well, you can choose to have your Naze soldered with either the 90 degree bent pins, or the upright pins (See Images Below)

Naze 32 With Bent ESC Connectors for the DD Power Pack
Naze 32 With Straite ESC Connectors for the DD Power Pack

The DD 4s Gold Power Pack includes:

4x T-Motor (Tiger Motor) MN2206 2000kv

4x Emax BLHeli 25a

8x GemFan 6×4.5 (4 CW & 4 CCW)

15x 15cm Cable Ties

12x 2mm Female Bullet Connectors

1x Naze32 (With all pins & breakout cable)

50cm 3mm Black Heatsrink

2.5cm 6mm Red Heatshrink

2.5cm 6mm Black Heatshrink

1x Battery Connector Of Your Choice (See Above)

10cm 14awg Red Wire

10cm 14awg Black Wire

1x Naze 32 size Power Distribution Board (can be stacked on top of each other)

1x Nylon Stand off set for Naze 32 & PDB

Required To Complete:

Additional information

Weight 0.99 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 23 × 17.5 cm
Battery Connector

XT60, Bullets

Soldering Required

No, Naze Only, Everything but PDB, Everything

Pin Type (Soldering Only)

N/A, Straite Up, 90 Degree Bend


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