3s/11.1v 1400mah 40-80c (Multistar Race Spec)

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The Multistar Race Spec Batteries are simply amazing.


A lot of people when they start with 250 size quads fall into the trap of using the very popular 2200mah 20c batteries. Even though they are popular and you probably have a few lying around, they are probably heavier and cant give out the same amps as our Mutlistars

Lets Do Some Maths:

Multistar 3s 1400mah 40c vs Turnigy 3s 2200mah 20c

115 grams vs 188 grams

1400mah x 40c = 56 amps VS 2200mah x 20c = 44 amps

In Summary: MultiStar Race Spec are lighter and more powerful!

Our batteries come with, as expected, some great extras. Our batteries come with a connector from our selection, a battery charge marker so you can remind yourself if a battery is charged or not, and Velcro pre-applied.

For the best performance possible, get the battery that our quads are designed and built around, get yourself some Mutlistar Race Spec LiPos!

Additional information

Weight 0.136 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 2.6 cm

XT30, XT60, Deans, EC3, Bullets

2 reviews for 3s/11.1v 1400mah 40-80c (Multistar Race Spec)

  1. admin (verified owner)

    Review from David Limb after sending out a review request:
    “Thank you for a speedy service, it was batteries I ordered and not motors, none the less excellent service”

  2. jonathan forster

    I Purchased two of these batteries from Derbyshire Drones at the Weston Park event, the bateries perform as expected.
    The bad weather has delayed my ability to test them.
    The real review is for Derbyshire Drones they are very knowledgeable and professional a real joy to deal with,
    I hope to fly with them one day.
    Keep it up.

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