Exciting New Products – Derbyshire Drones Power Packs!


We are very excited as we have just released a brand new line of products!

Our DD Power Packs are based on the quality components used in our PNF Mini Quads, and we have made them so all you need is your chosen frame and a few hours of bench time and your flying!

We also offer extra options on soldering so customers who either without soldering equipment or who feel they don’t have the adequate soldering skills to do some of the fiddly soldering work on the Naze 32, can have the hardest part of building a mini quad (other than Possibly using the CleanFlight/BaseFlight Software for the first time) completed when they receive their items.

The DD Bronze Pack is a great pack for those on smaller budgets but who don’t want to sacrifice quality, and based on 3s batteries

The DD Silver Pack is and upgrade to the Bronze pack, swapping the Emax motors for higher quality and performance T-Motor motors.

The DD Gold Pack is an upgrade for the Silver pack for 4s batteries, upgrading the propellers from 5×3 to stiffer 6×4.5 and the ESC’s from 12 to 25 amp to handle the extra current draw.

These new products expand the options our customers have when entering the Mini Quad hobby, and with our 5 Star Customer Support, we at Derbyshire Drones can help make your entrance into this hobby a easy yet spectacular one.

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