4s MXP230 In Stock Now at £384.99!

Our 4s MXP230 is in stock, reduced from £444.99 to £339.99!

If you take our fantastic DD Edition 3S MXP230, extend the motors out a tad, swap the 5×3 for 6×4 stiffer propellers, upgrade the 12 amp ESCs to 25 amps and strap a 4s Multi Star Race Spec Battery on top, you have got yourself the 4s DD Edition MXP230, which is one serious machine! So serious in fact that this is the Quad our engineers pick up when they put down tools and actually go do some flying!

The extra power is really noticeable, whether your screaming up and down the flying field at top speed, shooting full bore striate up or using it to pull out of a decent to go under a tree branch with out smacking the ground.

You can learn more here!

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