3s MXP230 In Stock Now At £339.99!

Our 3s MXP230 is in stock, reduced from £404.99 to £339.99!

The Xhover MXP230 Elite V2 frame is one of, if not thestrongest frame available, with integrated PCB & LEDs, full carbon fibre and 6mm thick arms, this, for us, makes the MXP230 the best frame available!

We have smacked these frames with great speed into remarkably solid object and other than propellers, slightly loose screws and the occasional bent stand off, the quads have always got a way with it fine (even if we have to search for the battery). The T-Motors used on our MXP230 are where the strength and performance continues, the incredible performance is delivered through a solid 5mm prop adapter.

You can learn more here!

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